Collaboration + Commitment

We are an extension of your HR team and commit to your success every step of the way.

Executive Search

Collaborate with one of our senior partner specialists, and discover the lasting positive effects the right candidate can have on your organization. Our proven, customizable search process is as comprehensive as it is agile, and is designed to provide you a unique selection of best-fit candidates.

Middle Management Search

Middle managers are your organization’s leaders of tomorrow. Benefit from the same proven methodologies and agile approach we rely on to successfully recruit and place senior executives for outstanding results for your middle management needs.


Attract, retain and grow leaders and employees with forward-thinking talent retention and management systems. We consult with you to design, develop and implement competitive compensation programs and competency models that support assessment, training, development and coaching.

Competency Assessments

Enhance and refine your candidate search with an à-la-carte suite of sophisticated EQ, personality and skills tests, and assessments. Executive searches have evolved — so too have our tools.


Help your leaders develop valuable EQ and interpersonal skills, build self-awareness, foster productive relationships and facilitate change to enable your organization to achieve its strategic goals.

Executive Transition Planning

Replacing a leader or hiring a founder’s successor? Ensure the success of your new executive and organization with a thorough and tailored on-/off-boarding and transition plan.