Building leadership capability is critical to every company’s future success. We can help your company to design and implement effective succession planning systems that will help to identify, develop and retain future leaders.

Leadership Consulting

We will custom design leadership training initiatives for your organization that reflect core leadership competencies. Previous workshops have included: emotional intelligence, coaching, and work-life balance.

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We will assess your compensation program to ensure it is competitive in the current market to attract top talent to your organization.

Compensation Program consulting

We will design a pay system that reflects market rates, is internally equitable, and motivational for employees.

We will explore different compensation options (e.g. base, pay, bonuses, stock options) as they relate to your business goals.

Executive Coaching

The changing workplace is placing more demands on leaders.

Executive Coaching Services

Our executive coaching services help leaders to develop their self-insight. Self-insight is the lever that facilitates leadership changes. Leaders need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, the image they portray, how to manage themselves under dynamic circumstances, how to stay focused, how to manage stress, and how to develop others.

Our coaching services have helped many leaders in the past to increase their personal and professional effectiveness.

Competency Modelling

Four Corners Group will develop competency models for your organization that relate to superior employee performance or utilize your existing competency frameworks.

Competency Modelling

Competency models can be used as a foundation for many talent management activities including assessment, training, development and coaching. We have a flexible assessment process with a variety of well-established tools that can be customized to your needs and organizational culture.



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Senior level executive search professionals

All of our executive search solutions are executed by senior level search professionals during the entire scope of your project.

Our team brings a depth of experience garnered from work in both the public sector and private industry. Our in-house expertise and knowledge drive powerful solutions and exceptional results.