The executive search industry has matured over the last two decades

For the leading retainer-based firms, interviewing has evolved to become much more structured and thorough.

References are now an integral part of the overall search process and have shifted to include education verification, criminal records check, and in some cases, a credit report. Despite this trend, the opportunity still exists to improve the methods by which candidates are assessed.

We utilize a series of sophisticated tools designed specifically for use when hiring senior executives and professionals. We work directly with clients to select the best assessment option that suits the needs of the organization. All of our tools have proven to be valid when used for hiring purposes and provide additional information on the fit, skills and personality of the selected executive.

Four Corners Group believes in the importance of candidate competency assessment

Competency assessment at Four Corners Group
Watch: Dr. Peter Hausdorf discusses competency assessment at Four Corners Group.

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Senior level executive search professionals

All of our executive search solutions are executed by senior level search professionals during the entire scope of your project.

Our team brings a depth of experience garnered from work in both the public sector and private industry. Our in-house expertise and knowledge drive powerful solutions and exceptional results.