InterSearch Worldwide: Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

Four Corners Group is pleased to highlight Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives in our firm and with Intersearch World Wide Operations. Since 2007, we have demonstrated our commitment to D&I through our firm’s Value Statement – We Value Diversity. We not only assist our clients in this regard, but we put these efforts into practice in a meaningful way within our own organization. D&I has proven to give businesses a critical advantage and we are pleased to continue to make this a top priority…to help clients realize the full potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our Partner, Pamela Colquhoun, is the D&I Practice Lead for Intersearch World Wide Operations. D&I Regional Sub-lead Judit Hegedus of Hungary presented the Importance of D&I in Search on behalf of the Practice Group at the recent Intersearch Conference in Belgium (see below).

InterSearch Worldwide: Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

July 19, 2018

The InterSearch Worldwide global Conference 2018 dedicated special attention to the cause of Diversity & Inclusion

Judit Hegedus, Sub Lead of Diversity & Inclusion Practice Group, CEE
The focus on diversity and inclusion is a unique way to give business a critical competitive advantage. Though there is still a different approach to D&I in the various geographical areas, several international initiatives proved that CEOs recognised their direct positive impact on the economy and corporate performance. ‘The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™’ is the most substantial CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace in North America. Europe has its resonance with its 21 national Diversity Charters. By signing a diversity charter, the joining organisation commits to promoting diversity and equal opportunities for its staff. The global human capital trends also have exciting novelty. They show that D&I at the workplace are CEO-level issues by now; the global political environment increased employee sensitivity to D&I; it is a fact that D&I became an essential component at work, especially at the global companies; it is proved that D&I teams outperform their peers, and D&I created a significant public attention worldwide nowadays. Our Diversity & Inclusion Practice Group at InterSearch conducted a survey whose aim was to map the practice of Diversity & Inclusion within the global organisation. At the conference, the main lessons of the survey were shared. The questions covered three areas related the general importance of D&I in the country, the IWW partner firm activities with the clients as well as their internal D&I processes and strategies. The answers showed that at the moment our landscape is very diverse on every level. We all know that bringing D&I to an organisation is difficult – at least at first. We need commitment, resilience and passion. As inclusive leaders, we need to model Diversity and Inclusion making ourselves a part of the diversity and inclusion management process that sets the tone for the rest of the organisation.

And what can we do as executive search companies?

  • First of all, we have to be sensitive when working with clients on matters related to age, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.
  • In addition, we should assist clients with diversity & inclusion.
  • Last but not least we need to be committed to practising this within our organisation as well as for promoting the aim of D&I.
InterSearch prides itself on having the best local firms and consultants committed to excellence and Diversity & Inclusion.


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