Expertise + Experience

Our team of partners has deep knowledge of diverse industries, and expertise across roles and functions.

Industry Expertise

We develop unique lists of right-fit candidates for each assignment.

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Chief Executive Officer – Not-for-Profit Health Care Organization
Chief Financial Officer – Manufacturer
Chief Marketing Officer – Global Manufacturer
Chief Operating Officer – Global Manufacturer
Chief Strategy Officer – National Association
President and CEO – Energy
President and CEO – Global Manufacturer

Chief Executive Officer – Provincial Professional Association
Executive Director – Not-for-Profit Organization
Managing Director, Canada – Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company
Managing Directors and Directors – Association
President – Association
President and CEO – Association

Vice President Global Strategic Sourcing – National Retailer
Vice President Human Resources – Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company
Vice President Marketing – Global Manufacturer
Vice President Operations – Global Service Provider
Vice President Product & Innovation – Global Manufacturer and Retailer
Vice President Real Estate – National Retailer
Vice President Retail & Client Services – Global Retailer and Manufacturer
Vice President Sales North America – Consumer Packaged Goods Company
Vice President Supply Chain – Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Director Communications – Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company
Director Finance – Global Manufacturer
Director Merchandising – Global Retailer and Manufacturer
Director National Health and Wellness & Public Affairs – Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company
Director Clinical Services – Not-for-Profit Community Health Care Organization
Director Compliance – National Retailer

District Manager – Retailer
Legal Counsel – Global Retailer and Manufacturer
Regional District Manager – Retailer
Senior Buyer – Global Retailer
Senior Controller – Global Manufacturer
Plant Manager – Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

“It’s rare to find a firm that will take the time to truly understand your business and values. Not only can Four Corners Group help candidates understand who you are, they also engage candidates in the same way you would. Their ability to attract the best talent, and the seamless transition from potential candidate to finalist to new hire, are priceless. Kelly and her team have demonstrated time and again one of the most important aspects of partnering with an executive search firm: they excel at representing your organization in the talent market.”
Ken O.
Vice President, Human Resources