Young CEOs: A New Generation of Executives

Young CEOs: A New Generation of Executives

In the last couple of decades, the proliferation of technology and Internet startups has lead to the rise of a new type of leader. Younger, more aggressive, more willing to take risks, the new CEO has been schooled in classic entrepreneurship. Think Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, who is 29, or Google’s Sergey Brin, who just turned 40.

Many of these younger CEOs have eschewed the traditional path to leadership – work your way up from the bottom, play the game and get rewarded. These new CEOs know how to create immediate value, and have assumed leadership roles because they’ve created new industries, new markets, or invented products and services we’ve never had exposure to before.

While the younger cohort tends toward a more casual approach to leadership, many have also realized that aligning their own non-traditional styles with the seasoned and experienced advice of older CEOs is a winning combination.

This infographic from highlights the demographic of this new type of CEO.


Rise Of The Young CEO

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