What Does a LinkedIn Profile Say About You

What Does a LinkedIn Profile Say About You

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of encouraging your employees to be brand advocates on LinkedIn. Naturally, if you want them to do this, company leaders need to lead by example, not only by being a brand advocate but also by showing the value of building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you, not only to your employees, but also to other professionals, recruiters, and other companies.
You’ve probably heard the sales phrase, “Always be prospecting.” This rings true for executives as well. You always need to keep the door open for new opportunities, and your LinkedIn profile is one of many ways you could benefit your current company as well as your personal brand.

“LinkedIn profiles are search engine friendly and have the potential to connect you with your next big deal, the speaking gig you’ve been coveting, key talent and strategic partners who influence potential business and other like-minded professionals,” says Colleen McKenna on business2community.com.

However, you won’t have access to these opportunities if your LinkedIn profile is not up to date or complete. A stagnant and dated LinkedIn profile is a sign that you are behind the times, reactive rather than proactive, and on the outside of the conversations that are happening within your industry.

Here is what your profile says about you:

  • No profile: You are behind the times; fail to see the value in LinkedIn.
  • Incomplete profile: An incomplete profile is actually worse than having no profile at all. Incomplete profiles communicate that you are indifferent to the platform, potentially lazy, or you don’t have the time.
  • Poor/average profile: Most professionals fall into this category. They are told that LinkedIn is important, so they create a profile just so they can say that they have one, but do little to optimize it. This profile says that you are not tech savvy, or you don’t understand the value the platform offers you or your company.
  • Rockstar profile: You get it. You are ahead of the curve, innovative and on top of things. You are always looking for new ways to leverage your business, identify opportunities and grow as a professional.

Perception is important. You need to share your professional journey. It tells people where you have been, what you have accomplished and provides some insight to where you are going. LinkedIn also serves as a 24/7 networking and promotional tool. It creates exposure for your personal and business brand for you.

If you are still on the fence about the importance of LinkedIn, think of it in these terms:

  • Your personal brand can help business brand
  • Your business brand can help personal brand
  • No profile = no branding

Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you professionally. A shell of a profile (or lack thereof) says even more.