Leading the Way to the Future of Work

Leading the Way to the Future of Work

The workplace is being transformed by a range of forces, from globalization to emerging technologies to changing demographics. Organizations need to be flexible and adaptive to effectively utilize their workforce to remain competitive and retain talent.

With the right executive team in place, organizations are positioned to tackle modern day and future challenges. Below are four key attributes leaders require to effectively manage in an increasing complex work environment.

1. Tech Savvy
Business opportunities and risks are becoming increasing entangled with technology. Tech savvy executives know how to best leverage technology not only to provide business solutions but also to give their business a competitive edge.

2. Build Trust, Create Value
Trust within an organization is intrinsically linked to success. Without trust, communication, teamwork, innovation, and performance inevitably suffer. Executives and leaders, who can build trust, create value.

3. Empower
Effective leaders don’t manage; they engage and empower their teams. Committed, conscientious and loyal, empowered employees tend to be more proactive and open to change.

4. Encourage Innovation
In order to remain relevant in a competitive and rapidly evolving business world, innovation is a necessity. Leaders who focus on communicating a shared sense of mission, vision and goals, and promote an innovative culture will have a competitive advantage.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in November 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.