Leadership | Four Tips To Ensure Your Team Is Listening

Leadership | Four Tips To Ensure Your Team Is Listening

Strong leaders tend to be decisive, have a high degree emotional intelligence, are honest, good communicators, and … are good listeners. They pay attention and value the perspectives and opinions of their peers, employees and customers.

Four tips to ensure your team is hearing what you have to say:

If you want to grab someone’s attention, first give them yours. Showing them you are interested in what they have to say demonstrates openness and respect, and they’ll be more likely to do the same to you in return.

Get to the point
Take the time to consider how you can communicate your point in an effective way. Keep it simple, especially if it’s a complex topic. Long-winded explanations will only work against you.

Be observant
Eye contact is crucial. Are the people in the room looking at you or at their smartphones? If you feel you’re losing their attention, switch things up a bit. Ask them a question – find out what they’re interested in and talk about that.

Use metaphors
Know your audience and which type of metaphor is appropriate for them. For some audiences, war metaphors are very powerful, where as for others family metaphors have a strong impact. Vary your metaphors so they don’t get stale going from one speaking engagement to the next. Metaphors can be very effective business communication tools when used correctly.