How to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

How to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

We all know making the wrong hiring decision can be an extremely costly mistake. The “costs” associated with making the wrong hire are substantial when you consider everything from loss of productivity and negative impact on clients and employees, to cost of recruiting/hiring a replacement and loss of time needed to recruit/train another worker.

Executive Search with Four Corners Group

Four Corners Group brings a depth of executive search experience garnered from work in both the public sector and private industry.  Our in-house expertise and knowledge help us source top global talent that has had an immediate impact on our clients.  Since 2007, we have completed hundreds of successful executive search assignments.  Over 98 percent of our placements stay in the same role or have been promoted, after one year.  We are confident we can find the talent you are searching for – so much so that we even offer a full one-year guarantee on every placed candidate.

While we do our very best to find great talent for your organization, the ultimate hiring decision is up to you.  Here are four simple tips you can use to hire the best talent.

4 Tips for Hiring the Best Talent

1. Trust the Data, Not Your Gut
You may believe trusting your gut has served you well over the years, but when it comes to identifying the right fit from a plethora of qualified candidates, it’s best to count on facts rather than feelings. Executive search is an analytical process.

2. Create a Hiring Scorecard
Before jumping into the search, clarify why you are hiring. Identify desired outcomes and document competencies that match your culture. This will offer you an objective standard against which you can compare candidates.

3. Source Top Candidates from Your Network
While working with Four Corners Group lets you tap into our vast candidate database, it’s important to utilize all possible search avenues. Connect with your professional and personal networks – share details of the opening with trusted employees, friends and customers.

4. Know How to Close the Deal
Don’t forget, hiring is a two way process. Sell candidates through the 5Fs: 1) Fit (why the company is a good fit), 2) Freedom (to contribute to company decisions), 3) Fortune (salary, benefits, work-life balance), 4) Family (relate to spouse or significant other), 5) Fun (because it’s important, too).