FCG to create the 2021 Consumer Products Talent Report article series

Four Corners Group Executive Search is partnering with the Food, Health & Consumer Products Canada (FHCP) to create an article series that will report on major themes and trends as it relates to TALENT among the FHCP member companies. 

The goal is understanding the impact COVID-19 has had on talent in 2020, and to forecast the future of work in Canadian Consumer Product companies.  Four Corners Group will provide Canadian-specific insights that will be of value to your executive team. As we all emerge from these unique times, having sharper sector and market information, will help to guide your future planning.

Specifically, questions will cover:

  • What impact did COVID19 have on your business and talent in 2020?
  • Has the focus of your Canadian business changed as a result of the pandemic?
  • How have your talent needs already changed, and how will they continue to change?  What talent/skillsets will you need as you accelerate out of this curve?

To deliver meaningful content, we need to engage in conversations with the c-suite to learn about what your reality has been and will be.   

To participate, please contact:

Kelly Farrell, President & Managing Partner:  kfarrell@fourcornersgroup.com

Karen Hsiung, Partner: khsiung@fourcornersgroup.com

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