How to Improve Employee Performance and Satisfaction at Work

How to Improve Employee Performance and Satisfaction at Work

Businesses today are too complex, says BCG Senior Partner Yves Marieux. There are too many layers separating business leaders from the action. As a result, employees feel miserable and disengaged at work.

Marieux goes on to explain how the traditional pillars of management have grown obsolete. “You can manage the new complexity of business without getting complicated. [When you do that] you create more value with lower cost. You simultaneously improve performance and satisfaction at work,” he says.

In his Ted Talk shared below, Marieux offers six rules for “Smart Simplicity,” one of which is to increase the quantity of power:

“You need to increase the quantity of power so that you can empower everybody to use their judgment, their intelligence.”

It’s time to go beyond the boundaries of job descriptions. In order to improve employee performance, we need to blend the lines, creating more connections and interactions amongst employees. We need to maximize cooperation by making work less complicated.

“The real battle is not against competitors,” notes Marieux. “The real battle is against ourselves, against our complicatedness.”

Yves Marieux’s Six Simple Rules for Smart Simplicity

  1. Understand what your people do
  2. Reinforce integrators
  3. Increase total quantity of power
  4. Extend the shadow of the future
  5. Increase reciprocity
  6. Reward those who cooperate

Learn all about what these rules can do for your business below.