The Growing Impact of Women Business Owners

The Growing Impact of Women Business Owners

Women are, undoubtedly, good for business. A Forbes article recently argued there are fewer places where you would get bigger return on your investment than through supporting women entrepreneurs.

According to a report from McKinsey & Co., women can provide the key to boosting corporate performance. The report found companies with gender-balanced executive committees have a 56 percent higher operating profit than those with male-only executive committees.

The Harvard Business Review reports women entrepreneurs bring in 20 percent more revenue with 50 percent less money invested.

Yet, “women leaders around the world continue to face significant structural barriers that limit their potential,” says Gayle Peterson, co-director of a new Oxford program designed specifically for women leaders.

The impact of women-owned firms on the economy continues to grow, giving us endless reasons to accelerate the growth of high-potential women entrepreneurs. Having more women in business is good for all of us.

In the infographic below, American Express OPEN celebrates and helps to fuel the future of women business owners.

Women Business Owners are Powering Tomorrow

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