Staffing Problem

A not for profit needed to fill its Director, Fundraising role. The organization had tried to fill the role on its own and was unsuccessful.

Market factors made this a difficult recruitment. The market for successful fundraisers with management and leadership experience in Canada is highly competitive.

An added challenge was that this role required candidates to be proficient in both French and English.


Recruitment Solution

Working in partnership with our client, we took the time up front to thoroughly understand our client’s needs and wants, the organization's culture and challenges and the opportunities for the new executive.

Through our industry knowledge, contacts and own expertise we were able to discuss the role with our large network of sources. We leveraged those connections and presented a number of strong candidates, as well as some candidates who were outside the traditional mold but who had the skills and experience to take on this role and fit with the organization's values and mission.


Staffing Problem

Our client felt they had two strong candidates that could not only do the job but also contribute to the organization's success and fit with the culture. One candidate possessed the traditional fundraising background but lacked proficiency in French, while the other had a sales and marketing background, strong leadership and team building skills and was bilingual.

The client wanted to make an offer to the first candidate but was concerned about their French skills. We advised them to make an offer that included a clause where by the candidate had to enroll in French classes to improve their verbal proficiency. The offer was accepted and the candidate worked hard to achieve proficiency in French. As a follow on, the organization created an in-house French discussion program offered to all staff three days a week over the lunch hour to support both the candidate’s and the entire staffs language development.

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