Staffing Problem

This Canadian division of a global biopharmaceutical company, located in Southwestern Ontario, had 18 months to identify a successor for its General Manager.

The company did not have a succession management strategy nor any obvious internal candidates.


Staffing Problem

Based on a review of the company’s strategic direction and the executive team, three potential internal candidates were identified for executive assessment (e.g. critical thinking, personality and competency based 360 feedback).

Although this assessment confirmed that there was no ideal internal candidate for the role, it did identify one internal candidate who could be developed into the role. This candidate received executive coaching and development for one year.

The assessment process also identified the need for the division to expand its search for other candidates across the company.


Staffing Problem

After 8 coaching sessions the internal candidate improved in several key leadership areas and became a much more effective leader in the organization.

Even though the internal candidate did not succeed the current General Manager, he appreciated the investment in his development, became more aware of areas in which he needed additional development and was retained by the organization.

A new General Manager was hired from another division of the company and successfully transitioned into the role with the support of the executive team.

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